About Us

Collaboration Research Laboratory on Waste Management (CRL) aims to be a research hub on waste management in South East Asian region not only for academic research but for policy-making and private company’s R&D towards more appropriate waste management.

The CRL has three main objectives for its activities;

  1. To accelerate the research on appropriate waste management in Southeast Asia, initially and especially in Thailand
  2. To aggregate qualitative and quantitative data on both municipal solid waste and industrial waste management in Southeast Asia
  3. To enforce the network of relevant stakeholders of waste management between Japan and Southeast Asia

Ongoing major research themes at CRL are;

  1. Technology development for waste management for sound material cycle society in Asia (including researches on incineration, WtE, landfill, jokaso, and constructed wetlands)
  2. Greenhouse gas emission estimation and adaptation for global climate change
  3. Technical assistance for waste management policy for sustainable development and resilient society to extreme natural disaster
  4. Assessment of sustainable and safety trans-boundary material cycles in Asian-wide scale

About Member Institutes

1) Center for Material Cycles and Waste Management Research,
National Institute for Environmental Studies

Center for Material Cycles and Waste Management Research (CMW) is tasked with surveying and investigating the current state and future prospects regarding the use of materials in society and environmental loads accompanying usage. We also assess materials both as potential resources and for their toxic properties, and conduct studies on the recycling of resources and proper disposal of wastes and waste water, develop technologies for restoring the environment, and investigate the implementation of technologies in the field.

2) Joint Graduate School of Energy and Environment,
King Mongkut’s University of Technology, Thonburi

The Joint Graduate School of Energy Environment (JGSEE) is an international graduate education and research school operating as a consortium involving five leading institutions in Thailand KMUTT, KMITNB, PSU, CMU and SIIT-TU as partners. Our vision is to be an internationally recognized premier centre in graduate education and research in the fields of energy and environmental technologies.

  1. Enhance the quality and number of postgraduate students in areas related to energy and environmental technology to fulfill human resources needs both in government and private sectors, by establishing joint graduate study programs in collaboration with existing institutions to achieve international standard.
  2. Conduct collaborative research focusing on fossil fuels, renewable energy and energy management, and environmental topics related to energy.

3) Environmental Engineering programme of Faculty of Engineering,
Kasetsart University

The Environmental Engineering Program supports educational and research activities related to the application of engineering principles to understand and minimize adverse effects of pollutions created by human activities.

Major topics of teaching and research in the program include:
  • design of conventional
  • advanced water
  • wastewater treatment facilities
  • sewerage system
  • solid and hazardous waste management
  • develop and evaluate techniques to remediate contaminated sites and aquifers; and environmental management tools for organizations such as environmental impact assessment, environmental risk assessment, and environmental management system.


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