Vulnerability Assessment Tool for Flood Waste Management

This vulnerability assessment tool for flood waste management is intended to be used by officers of local authority (which normally has the primary responsibility of managing flood waste) The vulnerability of locality will be evaluated from 6 perspectives (Issues). To what extent your locality is vulnerable from each issue is will be evaluated by criteria […]

We launch new project on “Adaptation of Solid Waste Management to Frequent Floods in Vulnerable Mid-Scale Asian cities”

Ever increasing number of flood events in Asian region You might remember the great flood in Thailand that occurred in the later part of 2011. You may also recall the images of brand new cars sunk under water in the industrial zone in Ayutthaya, Thailand where many Japanese manufacturers set up their manufacturing hub for […]

Waste landfill leachate –Comparison between Japan and Southeast Asia-

What is waste landfill leachate? Waste landfill leachate is a wastewater which contains different substances in the process that rain water seeping inside the waste layer. Waste landfill leachate contains organic compounds, salt, ammonia, heavy metals and so on. Depending on the type of wastes disposed at landfill sites, it sometimes contains hazardous chemical substances. […]

Application of constructed wetlands technology for landfill leachate treatment in Southeast Asia

Under the rapid economic development in the urban area of cities in Southeast Asia, consideration to environmental protection has simultaneously advanced. At the landfill site, the condition of landfill has been dramatically improved with countermeasures such as installation of bottom layer to avoid seepage of the wastewater from the waste layer, and soil covering for […]

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